Morrison Noise and Deliveries

Proposed view of Morrisons SmallMorrisons has withdrawn its application for the variation to the planning conditions laid down by Elmbridge.  The reference was 2014/0484  Variation of Conditions 5 (Deliveries/Servicing) and 10 (Plant Noise) of planning permission 2013/1611 (New food store).  There were 228 objections.


4 thoughts on “Morrison Noise and Deliveries

  1. Excellent news. I’m assuming we now await Morrisons’ next application?

    It was sad to see the Monument Rd tree disappear with so little ceremony.

    • A sort of last post.

      I’m sure I was not the only one who said goodbye to the tree and then the chippings.

  2. Could I ask what other channels Morrisons may use to get round this application? I assume that they can re-apply with a revised schedule but are there any other means they can use to get the variation passed?

    Many thanks.

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