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Baker Street websiteWeybridge town centre needs a comprehensive overhaul – from Balfour Road to Monument Hill and all points in between.   Last year I posted about what we could achieve for Weybridge.

What was lacking was not the ideas or the commitment but the availability of funds.  However, there are government funds especially in place for enabling extra investment in transport infrastructure of the M3/A3 corridor.

But we have to bid for these funds and for our bid to be successful we would have to detail why improving Weybridge would be a benefit of the M3/A3 corridor as a whole.  Not only has Weybridge one of the highest GVAs in the country based on the flagship companies located in the town but its transport infrastructure is restricting growth its further growth potential.  Weybridge is such a popular destination it is notoriously difficult to enter the town from any direction in the morning.

I believe that a case can be made for improving Weybridge’s infrastructure but such a case costs money to design.  We need to bid elsewhere for to the funds to develop a feasibility study.  Again this can be done.

One thought on “Weybridge Town Centre Traffic

  1. Yes, indeed. Traffic and parking are top of everyone’s list of Weybridge problems. I have heard fantastic ideas from some quarters for turning the centre into a pavement-less and pedestrian crossing-less free for all. Pedestrians would have ‘to negotiate with drivers to cross’!
    What is needed is a radical rethink which starts with a by pass for heavy traffic. there were plans for this decades ago but it was all too difficult. Time to look at this agin i feel.
    In the short term there are arguments for making Baker Street one way but with a 20 mph strict limit.

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