Baker Street Plans

As part of the planning conditions, Morrison has to pay for traffic calming in Baker Street.  The draft plans are below and have been sent to Surrey’s transportation development planning team to agree as a condition of the planning permission.  What do you think?

Baker Street Traffic Calming





You can open up a larger map here: Draft Baker Street Scheme-01

5 thoughts on “Baker Street Plans

  1. in my opinion this is another waste of time and money with the parking,and congestion., speeding and is very rare.the only time this was used as a alternative to bypass to the new morrisons store. as usual you are thinking what can we do now. if you what to do somthing how about road repairs, flooding, tree surgery, parking at junctions on the backroads, private house plans, or maybe is this to boring, or is this not your job , ? what are you doing on the council. (please do not come back the any ballshit)
    brian carter

    • You are correct the problem in Baker Street was made worse by the building works but it was a problem beforehand.

      You are also correct when you say that pot-holes are not my responsibility.

      Pot-holes – Surrey
      Tree trimming on the highway – Surrey
      Flooding – Environment Agency
      Parking at junctions – Surrey (and Surrey police).
      Private house plans can be Elmbridge but it depends what you mean.

      There is a cure for congestion but few people want to take the medicine.

  2. As a resident of Baker Street. I am opposed to the speed bumps suggested. They will cause extra noise, and cause difficulty for residents to access their driveways.

    I think a speed restriction that is enforced is a far better way to tackle the issue. The issue is not just the speed of cars, it is the fact that cars going each way regularly hoot each other as they feel they have right of way down the restricted width of road. Rather than speed bumps, we should tackle the issues of the single lane where parked vehicles restrict the road width. If the speed is restricted to 20 MPH and a traffic flow sign is installed which gives priority to traffic from one way, cars will not be inclined to speed up to get through the effective chicane areas where only one car width remains free.
    The best approach in my mind is to pedestrianize the bottom of Baker Street, leaving cars only to enter the road from the top for access only.

  3. Baker St has become a rat run of late due to the protracted debacle to put in a traffic island as part of the unwanted Morrison’s store (god bless OpenReach). What should have taken just a few days frankly (they rebuilt the Santa Monica highway in 14 weeks for goodness sakes) meant this forced drivers to find alternate shortcuts. But long before meddling Morrison’s, people fly down this road at high speed, I’m surprised if there haven’t been some nasty accidents or near misses to date. I don’t like traffic calming measures like raised bumps, but the way some people drive their high end cars like noone else exists unfortunately means we have to protect ourselves from these idiots. As usual, the few spoil it for the majority.

  4. Terrible idea. Traffic bumps are a disaster and are not needed in Baker Street. This road is currently the best route from Monument Hill to the High Street and with the new roundabout on Monument Hill traffic will grind to a near halt.

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