Morrison’s Monday Mayhem – Avoided?

Proposed view of Morrisons Small








Update.  As I said below we had to wait until the new year to find out how the traffic moved around the new store.  I have not seen any glitches in the traffic but I know that some people have found small hiccups on school days turning right into Thames Street. Also I have never seen the store car park full – the lowest being seven place left.

An exciting day on Monday as our illustrious mayor opens the new Weybridge Morrisons.

Not only is the store new but it is a flagship store and that means people will come to see the new features that no other Morrison store has.  I can smell the bakery from where I live.

Morrisons says that the first two weeks of a store opening draws many more people than usual so they will have extra staff in place to protect the car park from over filling.  These staff are intended to stay fro two weeks but if the problems persist then the staff will be kept on until the pressure dies down.

As the opening comes just before Christmas the extra traffic could last through Christmas and the sales into January.  By January we should see the normal flow.

It will be interesting to see where these extra cars will go. Contact me here if you have a problem.

3 thoughts on “Morrison’s Monday Mayhem – Avoided?

  1. Gary Hunt the store manager told me that the first two weeks should be the heaviest – building up to Friday and Saturday.

    Retail’s peak time in the week is usually 11:00 on Saturday.

    We’ll get a better picture in January.

  2. I went to the preview on Saturday.

    Very well organised and staff most welcoming.

    A very impressive store and a very welcome addition to our town. More shopping opportunities, more local employment and well over 200 parking spaces that weren’t there before.

    Hurrah for Morrisons.

  3. Driven past this morning 0910 and all’s well. No traffic flow problems in fact quieter than every morning last few weeks.
    Can’t wait to see all those OBJECTORS sneaking around the store d
    trying not to be seen by other neighbours. Crass if you ask me.

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