Growing membership

Liberal_Democrats_Logo.svgSince the election our membership here in Elmbridge has almost doubled and is still rising.

Some are people are returning to the party but most are people who have not been a member of any party in the past.  As one person said “I have long taken a liberal society for granted but after this recent election I believe it is up to all of us who revere the type of society that Liberal Democrats espouses to come together to ensure that this country shall have a new birth of liberalism and that the hope for a future government of decency, fairness, openness, generosity and tolerance shall not perish from this land”.

And another said “I for one are very appreciative of what the Liberal Democrats achieved in government and apprehensive about the new Conservative majority.  Therefore I hope by joining the party I can do more than simply vote and instead do my bit to ensure we have a strong liberal voice in British politics to promote equality and opportunity for all.”

I look forward to meeting you all shortly.

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