Morrison Drop-in today

Morrisons have not yet applied for planning permission because they would first like to get your feedback at a drop-in session today The details are:

Today, Thursday, 21 March, 1:30pm – 9pm
The Parish Centre, St James Church, Church Lane

If you can, please take a look at the plans and judge them for yourself.  Add your views here.

Planning history of the development here.  Elmbridge’s decision here.


10 thoughts on “Morrison Drop-in today

  1. Andrew – thank you for the excellent newsletter. However you do not seem to have the latest Morrisons news. I was on holiday for their latest presentation in Weybridge (which appears to have been scheduled for mid-week) – so have just had a look at the Morrisons Weybridge website – which gives details of their amended proposals. Your circulation list may be interested to hear the latest news. Could you also let everyone know what date they have to raise their objections by? Thanks.

  2. I’m very much FOR the new design. Weybridge needs some new life and I believe the supermarket will bring that. If that means some healthy competition for the high street then so be it – although I believe more people will visit the high street, not less, as some scaremongers will have you believe.

  3. I am 100% in favour of a Morrison’s Store. At last a very much needed supermaket ! It’s the best thing that could happen to Weybridge !

    High quality food at a very reasonable price – what more could one want ?

    We saw the new plans & they looks great.

    Yours sincerely,
    Nicole Harwood-Matthews

  4. Having seen the new plans they are certainly a lot more reasonable than the original. It looks as if it might even be quite attractive now! I am quite impressed with their fresh food offer – an area which seems to have shrunk in Waitrose since the recent refurb. However, I am still very concerned about the traffic congestion – this is a massive problem in Weybridge already especially at school times, and I can only foresee it being worse with the Morrisons site open. Living in Thames Street, we sometimes feel quite trapped as the traffic in both directions is at a standstill… I’d need a lot of convincing that this isn’t going to make it worse.

  5. Morrisons are pursuing a very slick plan to get what they want in Weybridge. A cynic might think they knew the original plans were deliberately over the top in size and mass terms so that the revised plans now look so much better visually.
    However the boards did not state the size of the store in gross or net terms nor show the overall outline of the site in relation to the vicinity. It is difficult to say if the tree planting will work, but the loss of the protected tree is still an issue.
    I still think the overall store is too large and that it will affect existing local shops and not bring business onto the High Street.
    Overall traffic and parking are the two biggest issues.
    Drivers coming down Monument Hill are liable to block the proposed roundabout at peak times resulting in traffic backing up along the High Street. There will also be chaos at the Thames Street junction with it being so near the roundabout. That junction already is badly in need of being made into a roundabout itself.
    Staff are now supposed to park in council long term car parks – that basically means Churchfields. Is that realistic – I don’t think so. They will always try to park in nearer streets if possible causing issues for residents.
    I was interested to hear some people being prejudiced about Waitrose, to me based on a very out of date view that it was far more expensive than other supermarkets and only for the well-off.

  6. I am with John Shore on this. The new plans have very little to object to and Morrisons will be a great addition to Weybridge for a whole host of reasons. Having had planning experience from other quarters I can not believe that Morrisons will add to traffic in any way. The employment and retention of shopping within the town is to be applauded and it is a positive step for those of us and our kids who plan to be here for the next 10-20 years. The alternative is to watch the laws of entropy continue and for Weybridge to become a collection of Real Estate Agents and restaurants. I would also note that Waitrose is not a full range supermarket and that neither Tesco or Sainbury’s convenience shops fill the gap. If any one is going to suffer from this development it is Sainbury’s at Cobham and Tecso’s at Addlestone…but they will continue to serve their local communities. Furthermore some families in Weybridge would like open competition to keep prices down for us.

    Weybridge’s traffic problems will continue as long as the roads and parking on those roads connecting to the high street fail to be addressed by the Council and the highways agency. Traffic will continue to be an issue while peak period flows and congestion points are not addressed, and traffic will continue to be an issue for as long as off street parking and drop off solutions are not engaged with by the council. THESE ARE NOT MORRISONS PROBLEMS. They are ours.

    The spectre of NIMBYs has been raised previously in these discussions and I for one can look over my back fence and see 3 acres of field infested with Blackberry and within walking distance of the High street which could serve as off street parking and a safe drop off point for St Georges primary. I would be happy to have that in my backyard as I am sure the school would be as well. And I am sure that there are other parcels of land which would also fit this bill, if we looked.

    I say welcome Morrisons, embrace change for our future sake, and let’s solve the perceived problems ourselves.

  7. The plans look fine if your starting point is that we need another supermarket in Weybridge. However, the traffic congestion in Weybridge has already become intolerable. This development will inevitably add significantly to the amount of traffic and will be another barrier in the town. For that reason alone, this development should not be allowed.

  8. Weybridge needs Morrisons. The town is running down – expensive charity shops, a glut of Estate agents, coffee shops and snack bars. We used to have a butchers (now Mail Boxes) a greengrocers (now a cafe) a bakers (now and estate agents) These trades could not afford Weybridge, we now have a store offering all these things why are people against it because they think they sell cheap ‘fags and booze’? Have any of these anti-Morrisons people ever been into a Morrisons store? People go out of town because they want to park and shop,they want competition from butchers selling fresh meat and fishmongers selling fresh produce, Morrisons can give this at competitive prices.

    People were complaining about the increased traffic and delivery vehicles adding to the congestion. What causes the current congestion is the fact that there are four controlled pedestrian crossings which do not operate in synch with each other. Car park charges which are about to increase in April by 5 pence – (what is this about if it is not about making extra money) because parkers are getting nothing for the increased charges. At least Morrisons will provide parking for those who shop there (meaning you will be charged if you don’t shop but still park).

    According to the plans the new store will be attractive (replacing the eyesore that was and is there now).

    What makes me laugh is to hear people say the large delivery vehicles to Morrisons will cause congestion in Queens Road – the congestion in Queens Road is usually caused by delivery vehicles to the ‘mini’ Tescos which have to park in the road because planning was allowed without thought of how deliveries were going to be made..Car park charges in York Road which drives the ‘Chelsea tractors’ to park alongside the cricket green.

    Older people are more in favour of Morrisons because they can walk there and it is cheaper than Waitrose whereas they could not walk from the south of the High Street up Monument Hill. Younger people go shopping anywhere they like, by car and cannot see further than today – what will the town (not a village by the way) be like in 5 to 10 years time – a street of coffee bars and estate agents selling the houses of people who have moved on from such a backward looking society.

  9. I welcome the proposed site for Morrison’s.
    Too many Toffs in and around Weybridge including the ‘old farts’ (members) of our local business association are against this development.
    How short-sighted is that, whilst Elmbridge Council Planning approve use of defunct shops to be either charity shops or coffee shops whilst our High Street continues to decay and die?
    Employment and better car parking is a welcome feature as well as competition for Waitrose, the Toffs preference.
    I never did get to grips with their much publicized ‘Price Match’ No way can I identify the goods in store, everything I buy there is more expensive than Sainsbury, Tesco and Asda, where is the matching?
    As for regeneration the Council need to look at Parking Restrictions and
    Charges, instead of filling their coffers by issuing penalty notices, even on a Sunday.
    Is the contract with NCP still running at a loss, was £500,000. loss.

  10. With a Waitrose and two mini supermarkets, Weybridge does not need another major supermarket. There are two Tescos and an Marks and Spencer a short drive away. What Weybridge needs are more artisan food suppliers – a butcher, baker, green grocer etc.. They should be asked to stay open until eight o’clock to accommodate commuters’ needs.

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