What we have done in government What we intend to do in the next one
Rescued the economy and brought the deficit down by a half Finish the job of balancing Britain’s budget by April 2018, ensuring we no longer have to borrow money to fund public services
Biggest rail investment since Victorian times, and billions invested in modern British businesses with our Industrial Strategy, Business Bank and Regional Growth Fund Permit borrowing to invest in vital national infrastructure once the books are balanced, so Britain can grow a high-skill, low carbon economy
Reformed the banks to separate retail and investment banking, with a banking levy to make sure the banks pay to repair the damage they caused Grow a competitive banking sector, with a new supplementary Corporation Tax on the banking sector to contribute to deficit reduction
Cut £50 off household energy bills through policy changes, and boosted competition and switching – which can save households up to £200 and potentially more. Cut energy bills for everyone with more competition, easier switching and a national programme to insulate homes – with a Council Tax cut if you take part.
Delivered 99,000 jobs created or protected with our £3 billion Regional Growth Fund. Continue Regional Growth Fund to back growing businesses.
Industrial Strategy and Business Bank to grow modern British businesses; and delivered 99,000 jobs with our £3 billion Regional Growth Fund. Invest to make Britain a world leader in low carbon cars, energy efficiency and hi-tech manufacturing, and continue the Regional Growth Fund to back growing businesses.
Given an £800 tax cut to low and middle income earners by letting you earn £10,500 tax free. Raise the personal allowance to at least £12,500, cutting your taxes by an extra £400.
Secured a record £23.9 billion last year from clamping down on tax evasion, avoidance and fraud, and won G8 agreement on transparency on the real owners of businesses. Extend the requirement for country-by-country reporting from banks and extractive industries to all listed companies in Britain.