Southern CrossRail

Have you every wished that your train up to London was not so crowded? well in need not be.  For very little cost (in rail infrastructure terms) we could double the frequency of trains up to London by making Waterloo a through station for local services.

What this would mean is that trains from Guildford via Claygate or Weybridge would no longer have to reverse out of Waterloo but would carry on through to Waterloo East (which could be removed) and on toward London Bridge Station.

Waterloo East station is exactly the same level as Waterloo main station and there is a railway bridge between the two stations.

Through trains can run much more frequently than train that have to reverse (that is why tube trains cut be so frequent.  The added bonus is the people from Elmbridge to get to the city with one train.

You would get a seat on the 17:30 back to Esher in the evening!

The red line marks the new Southern Cross coming to you soon if you want it!  Just click on the map.

080610 London07crop