Proposed view of Morrisons SmallThank you for all your questions and comments.  These are the answers that Morrison gave me today at our meeting.

When will Monument Hill be opened?  This afternoon.

Will all of the street work be complete?  No there will be short closures from time to time.  The pedestrian crossing is still to be finished and the landscaping will be completed in November – apparently the best time to plants trees.

What about the illumined sign at the rear of the store?  Morrisons says it will look again at the sign facing Baker Street.

What about the contractor parking problem?  Morrisons says that it has made park and ride facilities available to all contractors so if anyone finds any problem parking then call Simon Whittingham on 07964 245 239.

When will the store be opened? The intended day for the opening of the store will be Monday, 24 November. Morrisons invite ideas for the opening – any thoughts?

How will the store manage traffic after opening?  Morrisons expects a larger than usual number of visitors in the first few weeks so it has laid on extra resources to ensure that the flows are well managed.

What is the employment situation?  All the twenty or so departmental managers have been recruited and Morrisons is in the final placement stage for the general staff of 200. Most of which are very local. Morrisons has worked with the job centre next door to recruit long term unemployed people and the apprenticeships will be in place soon. further recruitment will begin soon to fill in any gaps.

Where will the staff park?  Morrisons says that in off-peak times those staff members who need to park wills use the under-croft parking at the store.  At peak times Morrisons says it will provide off-street parking (not Elmbridge public car parks).

Will there be trolley tokens to stop trolleys being left all over the place?  No there will not nor will there be any trolley mechanism to stop the trolleys leaving the store. However, Morrisons beleives that the design of the store is such that people will not take trolleys out of the store. That will be one to watch.

Will Morrison seek further planning change in the future?  Given that the Weybridge store is the only one in the country that does not have deliveries on all of its opening days, I expect Morrisons to apply again at some point in the future to have some of the delivery restrictions set aside.  Said the that I thought it would be unwise to pursue such a course until its stock with the burghers was considerably higher than it is at present. It would need to demonstrate that the local fears regarding noise were unfounded – if that be possible.

The roundabout looks awful – will Morrisons change it?  The roundabout is Surrey’s idea as is the chevron design. This is a matter that I will be taking up in due course.

Parking responsibility  On-street parking management is perversely Surrey’s responsibility (I think it should be Elmbridge’s but thee you go).  I have no doubt that a review of all local streets will have to take place once Morrisons opens.  Surrey has already said that, in Elmbridge, it will look at Walton first – there is no guarantee that Weybridge would be next – unless we all kick up a fuss.

Baker Street Traffic. This problem should abate now that the road works are almost complete.  As part of the planning application Morrisons has agreed to contribute to the traffic carming of Baker Street.  It is for Surrey to take this project forward.  I have a more radical solution – restrict motorised traffic (apart from buses and taxis) from passing in front of Lloyds Bank. That would remove through traffic completed and civilise the town.

Have I missed anything? Then please tell me.


Morrison Noise and Deliveries

Proposed view of Morrisons SmallMorrisons has withdrawn its application for the variation to the planning conditions laid down by Elmbridge.  The reference was 2014/0484  Variation of Conditions 5 (Deliveries/Servicing) and 10 (Plant Noise) of planning permission 2013/1611 (New food store).  There were 228 objections.


Monument Hill Traffic

Over the last ten years has traffic in Weybridge increased, reduced or stayed about the same?  You can have a look at any road in and around Weybridge here.  The figures are from the national department for transport.  For comparison, the M25 is around 150,000 vehicles a day, the A3 65,000, Byfleet Road 24,000 and Monument Hill 19,000.

Looking more closely at Monument Hill, the chart below shows the average number of lorries passing each day. Blue is three axle HGVs and the red is all HGVs.

Monument Hill HGV

The average daily traffic flows for all vehicles is below.

Monument Hill Traffic All

Overall traffic might be flat-lining but cycling is on the up  – even if from a low base.

Monument Hill Traffic Cycles


Morrisons is back for more

Morrisons Lorry-02Morrisons has applied to reduce the conditions imposed at the time of the original planning permission.  See their reasons (Letter).

If you want to know more about this application then click here.  The reference number is 2014/0484.

Many local people objected to such a large supermarket in the town centre.  Others, who supported the development, did so with the proviso that a number of concerns were met with the appropriate conditions. One of those concerns was the increase in noise and the other the possible increase in movement of lorries during the night.

Morrison wants to remove these conditions because it feels that they are unnecessary and unduly onerous.  Many people have told me that Morrisons should have raised this matter during its original application – it accepted it then and should do so now.

Make sure your views are known by emailing, quoting reference 2014/0484, before 21 March 2014.

Remember to tell your friends and neighbours.

Walton Lane Lorries

Walton Lane action on over weight lorries has had a response from Surrey on replacement signage at Walton Bridge

Surrey proposes a road sign along the A244 on the western (lower side) side of the new bridge which along with providing directional details for drivers of the Walton Lane junction does warn drivers of the 7.5 ton weight limit. In addition Surrey says that a new sign will be installed on the opposite approach to Walton Lane along the A244 for traffic heading north – away from Walton. These signs will be enforced by two round weight limit signs located at the junction of Walton Lane with the A244 on both sides of the road.  Surrey says that theses signs will be installed in mid-February once all of the groundworks have been completed where the signs are to be installed.

We still need to get the signage at the western end improved.

Cycling in Weybridge

To reduce congestion we need as many journeys made by cycling as possible. To encourage people to cycle we need residential streets with 20mph limits and main roads with well designed cycling facilities.  Weybridge is no exception.

What does putting cycling first do for us? It helps to reduce crime and congestion and it increases our health and well being. All at minimal cost.

It does not mean that we have to cycle if we are unable or unwilling to do so.  It simply encourages and enables others to so  – reducing our journey times.

We need to follow the Danes, Dutch and others in planning for a safer and more pleasant place to live.

Morrisons – Officers say yes

Proposed view of Morrisons Small


The planning professionals at Elmbridge and Surrey have given their recommendation for the borough to permit the development of a new Morrisons in Monument Hill.  In precise terms “… it is considered that this scheme be recommended for planning permission… “.  Have a read of their report (Morrisons 2013-1611) and tell me what you think.

Twenty-three people will meet on Tuesday at the civic centre at 7:45 to decide whether to permit this scheme or not.  Other options are available too – to permit with further conditions or  to delay pending further report backs.  It is the biggest single development in the town centre for many years.


Proposed view of Morrisons Small


Morrison’s planning application is set to go to Elmbridge’s planning committee at 7:45, Tuesday, 16 July, in the council chamber at the civic centre.

I am on the committee and I want to hear your views.  What do you think of this?  See the video.  Any thoughts on the plane tree in Monument Road?

Walton Lane

Many of you will know that I think Walton Lane – the ancient way to Walton from Weybridge before Oatlands Drive was built – should be stopped up for motorised vehicles on the border between Weybridge and Shepperton (Yes Cowey Sale is in Shepperton despite being south of the river) – the benefits to people living in the north of Weybridge would be dramatic.  Have a look at a view of how Cowey Sale could look too.


Proposed view of Morrisons Small

Morrisons submitted its planning application to the borough on 19 April but the plans have only become available now.  You have until 17 May to make any observations.  Click here to get to the application.  Then type in 2013/1611.  The details are right at the bottom of the page.

Given that this is a very important application and that the borough had the application for over ten days before putting on the website, the length of time given for consultation is too short.  I will be asking for an extension.  In any case, make sure that any observations you might have are submitted before the current deadline.

For more background on this application search “Morrisons” (top left of this page) on this site.