Proposed view of Morrisons SmallThank you for all your questions and comments.  These are the answers that Morrison gave me today at our meeting.

When will Monument Hill be opened?  This afternoon.

Will all of the street work be complete?  No there will be short closures from time to time.  The pedestrian crossing is still to be finished and the landscaping will be completed in November – apparently the best time to plants trees.

What about the illumined sign at the rear of the store?  Morrisons says it will look again at the sign facing Baker Street.

What about the contractor parking problem?  Morrisons says that it has made park and ride facilities available to all contractors so if anyone finds any problem parking then call Simon Whittingham on 07964 245 239.

When will the store be opened? The intended day for the opening of the store will be Monday, 24 November. Morrisons invite ideas for the opening – any thoughts?

How will the store manage traffic after opening?  Morrisons expects a larger than usual number of visitors in the first few weeks so it has laid on extra resources to ensure that the flows are well managed.

What is the employment situation?  All the twenty or so departmental managers have been recruited and Morrisons is in the final placement stage for the general staff of 200. Most of which are very local. Morrisons has worked with the job centre next door to recruit long term unemployed people and the apprenticeships will be in place soon. further recruitment will begin soon to fill in any gaps.

Where will the staff park?  Morrisons says that in off-peak times those staff members who need to park wills use the under-croft parking at the store.  At peak times Morrisons says it will provide off-street parking (not Elmbridge public car parks).

Will there be trolley tokens to stop trolleys being left all over the place?  No there will not nor will there be any trolley mechanism to stop the trolleys leaving the store. However, Morrisons beleives that the design of the store is such that people will not take trolleys out of the store. That will be one to watch.

Will Morrison seek further planning change in the future?  Given that the Weybridge store is the only one in the country that does not have deliveries on all of its opening days, I expect Morrisons to apply again at some point in the future to have some of the delivery restrictions set aside.  Said the that I thought it would be unwise to pursue such a course until its stock with the burghers was considerably higher than it is at present. It would need to demonstrate that the local fears regarding noise were unfounded – if that be possible.

The roundabout looks awful – will Morrisons change it?  The roundabout is Surrey’s idea as is the chevron design. This is a matter that I will be taking up in due course.

Parking responsibility  On-street parking management is perversely Surrey’s responsibility (I think it should be Elmbridge’s but thee you go).  I have no doubt that a review of all local streets will have to take place once Morrisons opens.  Surrey has already said that, in Elmbridge, it will look at Walton first – there is no guarantee that Weybridge would be next – unless we all kick up a fuss.

Baker Street Traffic. This problem should abate now that the road works are almost complete.  As part of the planning application Morrisons has agreed to contribute to the traffic carming of Baker Street.  It is for Surrey to take this project forward.  I have a more radical solution – restrict motorised traffic (apart from buses and taxis) from passing in front of Lloyds Bank. That would remove through traffic completed and civilise the town.

Have I missed anything? Then please tell me.


Surrey’s 2014 Parking Proposals


Many of you will remember that I reported last February about Surrey’s progress on parking proposals in Weybridge.  At that time I was told that Surrey was considering parking changes in the following streets: Beales LaneChurch StreetElmgrove RoadGascoigne RoadOakdale RoadPortmore Park Road and Thames Street.  

I invited people to add their street if parking was of concern to them.  In April I reported that Surrey staff would be ready to recommend changes to the Surrey Local Committee in late May.  Three proposals have made it through:

Elmgrove Road – to extend the hours of operation of parking bays to 9:00 to 18:00 to improve parking amenity for residents (in Elmgrove Road).










Portmore Park Road junction with Thames Street.  The introduction of at any time restrictions on both corners of the junction.

68 Portmore Park-01









Portmore Park Road around the traffic island near number 68.  The introduction of at any time restrictions on both sides of the street.

Other proposals in the town are: in Brooklands Road, Daneswood Close, Grove Place, Hanger Hill, High Street, Julian Hill, Locke King Road, Pine Grove, Queens Road, Rosslyn Park.

The report going to the Surrey Local committee can be found here.  Detailed map can be found here.

I have just been appointed to this committee so I would welcome any comments that you have – the first meeting is on Monday, 16 June 2014.  It will not be too late afterwards.

Old Palace Road Green

Old Palace Road Green websiteResidents have been concerned about the parking on the little green.

Before anything can be done I have to establish who owns the land.  At the moment the Borough of Elmbridge says it does not own it because it transferred the land with the houses around it to Paragon Housing Trust but similarly Paragon Housing Trust says it does not own it.  I have asked them to both dig deeper.  Perhaps Surrey owns it as part of the highway – I doubt it.

Might you be the owner?

On-street parking


Surrey parking tell me that they have around 700 requests in Elmbridge for changes to the parking regime in their area.  But the end of April Surrey plans to whittle that number down to around 300 because many of them will relate to similar areas.  By the end of May they hope to have assembled a list of schemes for the consideration of the Elmbridge Local Committee in June.  The local committee is a joint Elmbridge/Surrey venture with nine Surrey councillors and nine Elmbridge councillors.

With the agreement of the committee, consultation should begin over the summer and autumn with the schemes being implemented early next year.

Canoe Club Car Park

Doyly Carte webThe Canoe Club or D’Oyly Carte (officially known as Walton Lane) car park is due for a significant resurfacing.  The entrance, up to the height barriers will be retarmaced. Because the land is in the flood plan beyond the barrier a new porous surface will be laid.  I do not yet have a date but the budget has been allocated for the next financial year and the aim is to it get ready for the summer. So perhaps sometime between April and June with luck.

Talk to Morrisons

Proposed view of Morrisons Small

Morrisons will be holding an information event for site neighbours and local residents at 4-7pm on Wednesday, 19 March at the social club in Springfield Lane.  There is more information about the event to the project website later this afternoon (

The building is at an important stage now is the groundwork preparation stage should be completed next week.  Morrisons is about to begin the main construction phase   This will see them putting the steel structure for the building in place and then completing the wider building skeleton, followed by internal fit out work.

Weybridge Parking Review

Double-yellow-lines-on-a-road-and-pavement-curb-2101582Rikki Hill, Surrey’s Parking team leader has kindly passed me the list of residents’ requests for changes to be made to parking restrictions in Weybridge.  He uses this list to inform his recommendations to the Surrey Local Committee which then, subject to consultations, decides on any changes to be made to yellow lines and other parking restrictions.

If your street is not on this list below then Surrey will understandably think that you are content with matters as they stand in your street. Make your parking suggestion here.  As ever the earlier the better.  I would appreciate it if you were to email me as well.

A number of people also want to stop “pavement” parking.  There is no statute law in Surrey that stops parking on the footway.  So parking on the footway is lawful.  Common law states that once on the highway one must continue to move and not to cause obstruction. Sadly the police will only act if the obstruction is severe and they have to be around to see it.  It takes a lot of police time and the sanctions are not great.

It is unlawful to park on the footway in London.  It could be the same in Surrey too.  But the Conservative Surrey government refuses to make parking on the footway unlawful.   The Liberal Democrats would make parking on the footway unlawful as soon as practically possible.  My understanding is that it would take a few months.  So ending the need for people in wheelchair and buggies having to use the carriageway to get passed a poorly parked car.

Proposed parking changes are in the following streets: Beales Lane, Church Street, Elmgrove Road, Gascoigne Road, Oakdale Road, Portmore Park Road and Thames Street.  If your street is not included make your parking suggestion here (I have only listed streets in the north of Weybridge – contact me if you want the list extended to where you live.