The election results for an Esher and Walton representative in the national parliament on Thursday, 7 May 2015 was as follows

Dominic Raab – Conservative Party 35,845
Francis Eldergill – Labour Party 7,229
Nicholas Wood – UKIP 5,551
Andrew Davis – Liberal Democrat Party 5,372
Oliver Palmer – Green Party 2,355
Matt Heenan – Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol 396
Della Reynolds – Independent 228

The total number of votes caste was 57,165 and the turnout 71.55%

A pie chart of the voters.


A pie chart of the electorate on the basis that those that do not vote give their consent to the winner..


Borough elections

ballot-boxThe borough recently asked the burghers of Elmbridge whether they would like to vote every four years or once a year “by thirds”.  The result was 52% in favour of voting by thirds and 48% in favour of voting every four years.

In its meeting today, the full council voted 29 to 22 in  favour of voting by thirds.  In any case, to make a change to voting every four years it would have required a vote in favour of that proposition of 34 councillors.

The next debate will be on the number of councillors and then the ward boundaries themselves.

Do you have any thoughts about how many councillors Elmbridge should have?  Currently there are sixty.